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Electric Powered ULV Sprayer IZ-33

The IZ-33 ULV (Ultra Low Volume) machine works silently and efficiently for all required ULV spray applications. The machine is suitable for indoors as well as for outdoors applications. It is easy to handle and easy to use.

The IZ-33 is extensively used to disperse disinfectants, deodorizes, fungicides, odour neutralizers, water (humidification), bactericides and insecticides for residential and industrial applications such as in farms, greenhouses, horses stables, warehouses, cheese factories, animal care facilities, hotels, restaurants, schools, greenhouses, warehouses, medical facilities, amongst others.

Electric Powered ULV Sprayer IZ-33
Model: IZ33

Start Mode


Power Supply

AC 220V by Electric 1.6KW

Arrival Length of spray


Dimension (L x W x H)

460 x 290 x 260 (mm)


5 kg

Chemical tank capacity

7 L

Chemical Discharge Rate (max)


Particle Size

5 - 50 Micron

Main Body Material

Aluminium & stainless

Chemical Tank Material


Motor RPM


Turbo Power ULV Sprayer IZ-12001

Model: IZ-12001


Size: L x W x H: 1100 x 700 x 900 (cm)

Spray Nozzle: 4 nozzle spray hole with spray gun

Moving caster

Control box

Spray Hole 180˚ Revolve (left and right) up and down 45˚ move

Spray System Automatic on and off


Air cooling system 4 cycle gasoline engine

Start motor recoil start 2 system

Normal horse power 5H.P, 1800RPM

Max horse power 8HP, 2000 RPM

Fuel consumption normal 2.3 L/h max 2.7 L/h

Proper voltage DC 12V

Air blower

Revolutions: 3.600 RPM

Discharge capacity: 30 ㎥/min

Pressure: 380 kg/㎠


Automatic pressure system 50 A

Pressure: 30 – 50 kg/㎠

Discharge capacity: normal 42 L/min, max 66 L /min

Revolutions: 700 – 1.200 RPM