Dyna Fog Africa


The Superhawk™ is the machine of choice for malaria mosquito control, litter beetle control and stink bug control by health ministry professionals, mosquito control departments, macadamia farms, poultry farms and disease control programs. Its light weight and ability to produce large volumes of fog make the Superhawk™ ideal for use in both local and remote areas.

Model: 2605

Performance engine:

22 KW, 18,900 Kcal / Hr, 30 Hp

Solution Output:

0-45 L/h Produces 2200m3 of effective output per minute

Solution Tank Capacity:

4.5 L Aluminium

Solution Tank Pressure:

0.28 Bar

Fuel Tank Capacity:

1.1 L Aluminium

Fuel Tank Pressure:

Zero (not required)

Fuel Consumption:

2.0 L/h

Ignition Source:

"Buzzer" coil, Stainless Steel air intake filter

Batteries "D" Size:

(8) x 1.5 V = 12 VDC

Start cable Weight:

7.5 Kilograms

Dimensions (cm):

L x W x H: 132 x 24 x 36 (cm)

Shipping Size (cm):

L x W x H: 140 x 28 x 41 (cm)

Shipping Weight:

14.32 Kilograms

Shipping Volume:

0.5 m3

Golden Eagle

No other chemical applicator dispenses oil-based insecticides, fungicides, germicides, disinfectants, odour control and other chemical products as easily, effectively and economically.

No other aerosol generator enjoys such worldwide acclaim. Golden Eagle™, the portable powerhouse that excels on application problems where other machines fail: for those hard-to reach areas indoors or outdoors, and for the little as well as the large jobs such as mosquito control to combat malaria and dengue fever.

Golden Eagle
Model: 2610

Formulation Output:

0-34 L/h, over 1600 m3 effective fog/min

Engine Performance:

30 Hp, or 22 KW , or 18,900 kcal/h

Fuel Consumption:

0.5 GPH or 1.9 L/h

Weight (Empty):

8.6 kg

Weight (Full):

12.2 kg

Fuel tank:

1.0 L

Formulation Tank:

4.2 L


132 cm


24.1 cm


36.8 cm

Fog Particle size:

0.5 - 50 microns

Shipping data:

L x W x H: 140 x 28 x 41 (cm)


15.42 kg


0.15 m3


The Blackhawk was designed for a wide range of jobs with maximum efficiency for handling petroleum-based products.

The Blackhawk is capable of dispersing disinfectants, deodorizers, germicides and insecticides for application in greenhouses, a wide range of warehouses and for outdoor pest control in parks, gardens and golf courses.

Model: 2620

Formulation Output:

0-68.4 L/h Produces 3200 m3 of effective output per minute

Engine Performance:

44 Hp, or 33 KW

Fuel Consumption:

2.3 L/h

Weight (Empty):

18.6 kg

Weight (Full):

34.1 kg

Fuel Tank capacity:

1.9 L

Formulation Tank:

11.4 L

Power Supply:

Eight 1.5 V "D" size alkaline batteries or a 12 VDC automobile cigar lighter adapter


173.5 cm


38.1 cm


42.7 cm

Fog Particle size:

0.5 - 50 microns

Shipping data:

L x W x H: 180 x 48 x 54 (cm)


33.11 kg

Drum Kit:

3.6 kg


0.44 m3

Silver Cloud

The Silver Cloud™ employs twin resonant Pulsejet engines to give greater output of chemical, for its weight, than other types of chemical dispensing machines. The Silver Cloud™ beats other types of small particle producing machines with fast and effective coverage at low cost. Extensively used for the control of flying insects, litter beetles, stink beetles, amongst others.

Model: 2650


Resonant pulse principle


88 hp/h or 66 Kw/h

Fuel consumption:

4.56 L/h

Fuel type:


Fuel Tank:

Corrosion resistant aluminium


9.5 L

Formulation pump:

Belt driven, rotary gear pump

Formulation output:

Up to 151.4 L/h Makes over 6,500 m3 of effective fog per min

Droplet size:

0.5 - 50 microns

Formulation container:

Attachments are provided for connecting to a suitable drum such as a standard 200 L drum

Remote control:

Engine cut off. Formulation on/off. Individual engine indicator light. Formulation output control and others

Machine dimensions:

L x W x H: 170 X 60 X 55 (cm)

Total weight:

Empty - 48.2 kg Full: 65.5 kg

Shipping dimensions (box):

L x W x H: 185 X 69 X 58 (cm)

Shipping volume:

0.743 m3

Shipping weight:

64 kg

MODEL 1200

Its tremendous capacity of 120 gallons per hour makes the Dyna-Fog 1200™ capable of blanketing mammoth areas with dense heavy fog that destroys insects and pests in a fraction of the time required by other equipment.

No other machine combines an extremely low noise level with such an enormous fog output. The 1200™ runs quieter than a typical ULV aerosol generator.

The ultimate fog applicator for large area insect control, it can cover 5 hectares (12.5 acres) in one minute.

The 1200™ can also be an effective way of applying fungicides to certain tree crops such as: rubber, oil palm and cocoa, when the weather conditions are suitable.

Model: 1200

Insecticide Output:

57- 454 L/h

Formulation output:

It can cover 5 hectares (12.5 acres) in one minute

Length (w/nozzle):

199 cm

Length (w/o Nozzle):

139 cm


13.8 cm


12.6 cm

Gasoline Engine:

9 HP. Overhead Valve

Gasoline Tank:

4.76 L

Heater Tank:

56.8 L (5 hs)

Formulation Tank:

11.4 L

Fog Particle size:

10 - 100 microns

Total Weight:

Empty: 211.8 kg / Full: 281 kg

Shipping dimensions (box):

L x W x H: 152 X 109 X 107 (cm)

Shipping volume:

1.77 m3

Shipping weight:

265.36 kg