Insect Control

SaniChem has developed Dyna Fog-ULV Solution and Dyna Fog-ULV Solution EC for insect control and vector control, such as Malaria mosquito control, Stink Beetle control, Tobacco Beetle control and both the adult Litter Beetle as well as its larvae, amongst others.

Dyna Fog-ULV Solution is a ready to use chemical for thermal fog application and the Dyna Fog-ULV Solution EC gives the advantage of being able to be fogged mixed with many sanitises, including BacAtac and formalin.

Both Chemicals have been delivering extremely good results in the control of vectors and insects that transmit diseases and/or diminish the quality of agriculture productions and have been extensively used in poultry houses, macadamia plantations, mine sites, packing houses, cheese factories and governmental institutions amongst others.

The use of Dyna Fog-ULV Solution and Dyna Fog-ULV Solution EC with the fog machines reduces application time and labour costs while effectively controlling insects.


Aspergillus fumigatus Control

SaniChick is an innovative and internationally patented product that was specifically developed for the control of Aspergillus fumigatus in hatcheries. The SaniChick system has taken the control of Aspergillus fumigatus to a new era.

The system is an efficient and simple method that allows complete control of the application process. An electric thermal Fog machine with accurate and adjustable dosage option allows for the correct dispersion of chemical per cubic meter of treated area.

SaniChick produces a very dense fog that floats throughout the space reaching all areas and remains hanging in the air for extended periods of time, thus offering a superior kill rate in the atmosphere for maximum control of Aspergillus fumigatus for the poultry industry.


Fungus Control

SaniBev is an ionic structured organic chemical, safe and reliable chemical that has been extensively used in the wine industry for Fungus control and Mould control in the wine cellars. SaniBev has undergone stringent testing through tests in wine cellars to ensure its efficiency and safety for application in the wine industry.

SaniBev has been specifically formulated as a fogging solution, as fogging enables the product to reach all spaces within a cellar including on and around the barrels, ceilings and other unseen areas where it is necessary to have a Mould control.

SaniBev is ionic which enables it to stick to the first surface it comes into contact with. In this way, SaniBev cannot penetrate barrels and affect the quality of the wine.

SaniBev represents a technological advancement in fungus control and is unique in its ability to eradicate Mould. SaniBev is unequalled by any other product on the market as an entire wine cellar can be treated in less than 20 minutes. This saves time, resources and money.
A single application can kill up to 80% of Mould growth in a cellar.
SaniBevempowers the wine industry to achieve a superior level of hygiene.



BacAtac is a broad-spectrum sanitiser for poultry houses disinfection, Virus control, Fungus control and Bacteria control. BacAtac can be used in any surface against Virus, Bacteria, Fungi, Mycoplasma, Yeasts, Algae, and with specific focus on viruses including the Naked Viruses. BacAtac is a unique product that can be used for many industries such as poultry, cattle, dairy, packinghouses, wineries, and many other farming and industrial applications.

BacAtac is a patent formulation that is considerably more effective than other QAC.

Furthermore, in the chicken industry, BacAtac is approved for not only normal pre-placement disinfection but is used in the "continual disinfection program" via treatment of drinking water and fogging in production houses in presence of the birds to decrease pathogen and diseases spreading between birds. BacAtac is also used in hatcheries and disinfection of hatching eggs.


Special Effects

Our Fogging and Misting product Sani Carrier was formulated for special effect smoke production, offering different types of smoke or haze needed to obtain the desired effect, we also offer low lying or high flotation formulations as required.


Frost Protection

Our frost protection is a low lying fog, distributed by means of a thermal fog machine such as the Dyna Fog ® SILVERCLOUD™, Dyna Fog ® 1200™ units over the required area to protect the crop from frost during the winter months. Our Product is food graded and offers a success rate well over that of all other methods.