We are Finer Fog Africa.
We sell high quality Thermal Fog, ULV Equipment and Chemicals

Finer Fog Africa is specialized in the commerce of Thermal fog machines, ULV machines (cold Fog) and chemicals for insect control, vector fog control, frost control, fungus control and sterilizing. We offer solutions for malaria mosquito control, stink bug control, litter beetle control, tobacco beetle control, black fly control, whitefly control, Aspergillus fumigatus control, fungus and bacteria control, amongst others.

Not all thermal fog machines are created equal. Our team at Finer Fog Africa has over 15 years experience with Thermal Fog and ULV (Ultra Low Volume) machine technology and just work with the best in the market. Our machines are certified and we offer extensive training for the operator. The chemicals for the fog are also provided by reputable companies and reap the best results possible for your area and needs. The range of chemicals is specifically formulated for our machines and offers optimal results for each application.

Our Thermal Fog machines and ULV misters and sprayers, in conjunction with our specialised chemical products attend the necessities of a variety of industries. Units can be mounted on the backs of motorcycles, held by hand, whatever the user decides. With so many different fog machines, users are bound to find the one that will best serve their purposes. Our solutions are largely used by mines for mosquito control; in agriculture, such as macadamia growers, green houses growers, tobacco growers and poultry industry for the control of stink bug, litter beetle, tobacco beetle, white flies, Aspergillus fumigatus, fungus and bacteria; by governmental institutions, packing houses, pest controllers and others.

Our products are a result of high quality and leading technology developed under international standards of quality and security. Thermal Fog machines and Ultra Low Volume - ULV misters are the best option for pest control. It is time to find the right fog machine for your needs and application.

Our Product Line

Some of our Markets

1Agriculture - Frost control | Fungus control | Insect
We can efficiently and effectively help you with the control of fungus, bacteria and insects through our innovative and technologically advanced machines and chemicals.
2Macadamia Industry – Stink bug control
Our machines and chemicals will effectively control stink bug while saving time, saving fuel cost, saving labour hours and increasing the yield quality for the macadamia growers.
3Mines - Malaria mosquito control
We offer the most efficient solution for the control of malaria mosquito in campsites and mines.
4Poultry industry – litter beetle control | Aspergillus fumigatus control
Our machines and chemicals together will effectively control Litter Beetle and its larvae in the poultry houses. We also offer a remarkable and cost efficient patented system for the control of Aspergillus fumigatus.
5Packing Houses | Cheese Factories – Insect control | fungus control
We offer a full solution for the pest control, fungus control and bacteria control for packinghouses. Our machines and chemicals will maintain the packing facilities free from harmful organisms.