Welcome to Finer Fog Africa

Finer Fog Africa is a company specialized in the commerce of products for insect control, vector control, fly control and sterilizing. Our products are a result of high quality and leading technology developed under international standards of quality and security.

Our line of products encompasses chemicals, bio chemicals, thermal foggers, UlV machines and sprayers.

Finer Fog has full technical assistance and training for the entire range of machines and technical support for the chemical and bio chemical line.

Finer fog offers products for a new era in the insect and vector control, Trough our innovative line, warranting the security, quality of life, ecology and efficiency.


Finer Fog Africa supplies Thermalfog and ULV Machines for a finer-fog of Pesticides and Rodenticides (RAT) which, at this micro-droplet level, increases the effectivity and reach of your chemicals.


Finer Fog Africa supplies Rodenticides, pesticides for both flying and crawling insects larvacides and pheromones as well as other high quality chemicals.


We will shortly also have more information on this website regarding Finer-Fog Sterilisation equipment. This is a great solution for creating "clean rooms" in minutes.